Oumuamua – It’s Aliens!

Space is simply fascinating to me.  The final frontier offers seemingly endless opportunities for new discoveries.  If you have not yet heard about the biggest space news lately, there has been a new visitor to our solar system and it has me all kinds of giddy!

An asteroid, dubbed Oumuamua, is the first known object which has jaunted on our block (aka solar system) from outside our system.  Our new interstellar BFF could provide a wealth of new information for how the universe works.

Scientists identified Oumuamua November 2017.  So why is there so much excitement about it now? Well, reader, that is an excellent question.  New findings have shown that Oumuamua had changes in its speed and direction when compared to what had been previously tracked.  This was caused by gas being expelled from the asteroid itself!  How amazingly cool is that?  We’re talking about a self-propelled asteroid from a galaxy far, far away!!

While we shouldn’t be expecting little green men to be popping in for dinner anytime soon, the discoveries scientists are making with Oumuamua have brought a little bit more extraterrestrial spice to life.

Check out the (unaffiliated) links below for all the sciency stuff:


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