Let’s Smash it Out, Bro – I may be too excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

New information was released this week for the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and I am excited! Honestly, I would be excited about a new Smash Bros no matter what they released.

As usual, the new release comes with new characters to play. We will have just over 70 characters to play with this new release, including Piranha Plant (set to be available in Feb 2019 – free for those who register their game before Jan. 31, 2019). From the new character list, I am most excited to try out Inkling and Incineroar.

Currently, I do not yet own a Nintendo Switch. I have been considering getting one for a while. I have been putting off purchasing the system because the Switch makes it difficult to stream your gameplay, which is a shame. Smash Bros would be such a perfect game to stream, but since it requires additional, third-party equipment to stream a lot of great gameplay will be unseen. I fully expect my excitement for the release of Smash Bros to overcome any annoyance I have over the difficulties with streaming.

Which characters are you looking forward to playing? Let me know in the comments! Also, check out the amazing mesh of Smash Bros trailer to Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song.


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