Making a Netflix Binge – Making A Murderer Part 2 Released

Making a Murder part 2 was released this past Friday, October 19th and I, like so many others, quickly binged through all 10 episodes.

Part 2 picks up with the aftermath of the first season becoming such a success and the massive media attention that it brought.  This media attention has both positive and negative impacts on the case and the Avery/Dassey family.  The start of the series started off slowly but built up a good pace as it continued.  I will not get into the specifics of the story, as it is truly worth watching.

Making a Murder highlights the Everest sized mountains that must be moved during the Post Convention process in the American Justice system.  This is the arduous path anyone convicted of a crime must follow to continue to fight for their exoneration.  A path which requires a strong, supportive group of family, friends, and lawyers around the convicted individual.  During the show, I kept thinking to myself, where is the money coming from to support the experts being consulted, the research and science being completed.  The lawyers for both Avery and Dassey, I believe are working pro bono, but tests and use of scientific equipment have to come at a cost.  How could anyone who was not the focus of a massively popular docuseries possibly hope to get the support needed to continue to fight?

The episodes of part 2 also spent a good amount of time highlighting even more of the slimy behavior of the people who surround the case.  Interestingly, there are even a few members of the Avery/Dassey family that did not walk away from part 2 cleanly (but I will not get into it, do not want to spoil anything).  The slime of all the slime depicted is Ken Kratz, the former special prosecutor in both cases.  He is most interested in using this murder case to milk his 15 minutes of fame for every blood-soaked penny he can get his grubby hands on.  Every time his boorish face appeared on screen, it made me angry.  This case has become sensational, but there is no excuse for Kratz, who had to step down from his position in disgrace, to continue to comment on the state of the case.  He is truly a vile man who appears to have acted unethically.

Personally, I have serious problems with part 2, just as I had with part 1.  The whole series is massively slanted in favor of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.  Clearly, there are pieces of this case that still need to be scrutinized.  There are questions and concerns on how this case was handled, but not every person who supports the conviction of Steven and Brendan deserves to be looked upon with disdain.  This series would really elevate itself by providing unbiased storytelling in this tragic case.  The total lack of unbiased reporting plagues the American media today.

After making my way through part 2, all I can say is I hope the real and honest truth is uncovered.  I walked away with the hope that justice will prevail, and the truth, no matter who it points to – Avery and Dassey or someone else entirely – will out.



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