Destiny 2 Forsaken: My Thoughts

Over a month has passed since Bungie released the Forsaken update to Destiny 2.  Now that I have had the chance to get a feel for the updates and the newness has dulled, I thought it was a good time to share my thoughts.  (just a warning there are some minor spoilers ahead)

Forsaken starts with a long cutscene of your character going on a mission with Cayde-6 to help with what is essentially a prison riot.  Cayde-6 provides all of his normal antics that make us love him.  During the mission, the communications system fails and Cayde ends up, alone and facing a new to the player enemy, the Scorn.  After a well fought fight Prince Uldren, who is teaming up with the Scorn, squares off with Cayde, killing Cayde with his own gun.  (not a spoiler, this was in the trailer!)  This sets us off on a story of revenge. The death of Cayde-6 and our fight for bloody revenge is seemingly the beginning of the new, darker tone the developers have said they moving towards.   We battle our way through Prince Uldren’s Scorn Barrons, and as one can predict, end up facing Uldren.

While the core of playing through the story remains formulaic, it is enjoyable to play.  Forsaken takes you through many tasks, introduces multiple new characters, including new enemies and frienemies.   All of which makes this expansion actually feel like an expansion.  The previous two expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind,  felt stunted – both stories had a lot of potential for a rewarding payoff, but both fell short of achieving it.  The missions in Forsaken felt more substantial and rewarding than the previous expansions.

There was a lot added to the Forsaken update outside of just the story, including the addition of lore.  Something that fans of the original Destiny had been missing.  Daily and weekly bounties were another addition.  The bounties have an interesting effect on the feel of the game.  They give you a goal to reach every day, a reason to keep on playing and grinding.  So far, the payout from the bounties is okay, but it would add a lot more incentive to keep playing if the bounties varied and a few higher payouts (powerful gear, maybe).

A huge boost Forsaken provided was Gambit.  Gambit pits two teams of four against each other in a race to collect 75 motes.  Motes are received by killing the randomly selected enemy (scorn, fallen, cabal, etc).  Players pick up and deposit the motes into the bank.  Motes are lost if a player dies before depositing.  A Prime Evil will come out for the team who reaches the 75 motes.  The first team to kill this Prime Evil wins.  Adding more fun into the mix,  at various points throughout the match players can invade the other team’s map and kill players from the opposing team.  Frankly, I love Gambit!  PvP is massively intimidating to me.  The Gambit mode is a great hybrid of PvE and PvP.  The gameplay is straightforward and the competition is, simply, fun.  I would love to see more maps and possibly even a combination of enemies allowed as well.

If you haven’t gotten into Destiny’s Forsaken expansion, I recommend playing it this weekend.   This expansion provides entertaining and enjoyable content.  It is worth the money.

**Previously, I wrote about my thoughts, as a newbie, on Destiny 2 while playing Warmind content (here’s the link).



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