Stop Telling the Story

When this blog started, it started from a desire to write about the things I love and want to talk about with the world.  It came from a happy, positive place.

That has not been a place I have been in for a while.

Originally, this post started as a sob story of why I have been so down.  As I wrote and really thought through what I was writing, I had to stop myself.  What is the point of dwelling on the things in my life that are making me unhappy?  Continuing to tell the story for why I am where I am will do nothing to make things better, so I am stopping myself here.

My focus needs to stay targeted on those things that make me happy.  Hopefully, this means I am back on track with this blog – which I greatly enjoy writing.   What fun things do you want to see me write about?



2 thoughts on “Stop Telling the Story

  1. 1- Write a story if suddenly everyone in the world can read minds.
    2- The pharmaceutical industry invents a pill that eliminates your need for sleep without negative side effects. What do you and others do with the extra time?
    3- If you could go back in time and alter one event in your life, what would it be?
    One of those topics please 🙂


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