Moving Boxes: A Tale of Too Much Stuff

I am a week away from my move, which is a very awkward time. There is still stuff to pack, but most of the items needing to be packed are the things being used. Clothes, pots, pans, and silverware are all stuck in this limbo.

This move has been interesting for me in several ways. First being, I’ve never moved to a new state before. So for the first time I am truly packing all my belongings in one go. I have always been able to move a little bit at a time.

Putting everything away, all at once, into boxes has made me realize how my possessions are changing.  Outside of clothes and kitchen supplies – almost everything I own is digital.  “Analog” items like books, magazines, and dvds that I still had in my possession were donated because they seemed to take up too much space.  As I went through these items I kept asking myself, “why do I even need this, when I can get it digitally?”  Just a few years ago I would have had at least a dozen pictures and frames showing the amazing moments in my life.  For this move I have one physical picture, and one digital frame which carries what would normally be in the other frames.

This begs the question, how long will it be before all our memories, our memorabilia, and media is 100% online?  Will their digitization and portability make them any less cherished?


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