Doctor Who: A Catch Up Story

What all could be said about Doctor Who that hasn’t been said already in it’s expansive history?  Probably nothing, but I am going to put my two cents in anyway.

Growing up both of my parents would occasionally mention Doctor Who and their childhood nightmares of Cybermen and Daleks.  They had grown up watching the original.  When I stumbled across the continuation, I was an immediate fan.  Religiously, I watched every episode, turning to my favorite episodes for comfort when I went through rough patches.

With the Christmas 2016 special, I fell off.  The magic was lost.  I adore Peter Capaldi as an actor but felt like his Doctor was missing an unidentified element core to the Doctor.  Recently, I decided it was time to catch up.  With a new Doctor and a new show-runner (my thoughts on Steven Moffat would have to be a whole separate post) coming, it was time to catch up.  Plus, I really missed the show – not something that I have said about many shows.

Fast forwarding to today, I have fully caught up on Doctor Who.  I enjoyed season 10 – that missing piece in 12 seems to have been filled, and I am fond of the Doctor again.  Now, I wish I had never stopped watching.   Story wise, I liked the way they reintroduced Doctor through Bill’s eyes.  Which to me mirrored how they introduced 9 through Rose’s view.  Similarly, I appreciated the relationship between Bill and the Doctor.  Much more than I did the rapport between the Doctor and Clara.

Between Chris Chibnall’s “new direction” for the show and Jodie Whittaker taking over as the 13th Doctor, it will be an interesting ride for the upcoming season 11.

I would love to hear your thoughts and who are your favorite Doctors.
My Top 3 Doctors:
     1. Matt Smith
     2. David Tennant
     3. John Hurt (War Doctor)


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