Destiny 2: Through a Beginners Eyes

Currently, I am working my way through the Warmind expansion. Destiny 2 was pushed aside for a while during a Guild Wars 2 phase. Now that I am back in Destiny 2 mode, I have discovered two things.

One: I genuinely enjoy this game. This was the first game I tried out when I decided to explore the big, flashy world of video games. Unsurprisingly, this game and series will probably always be close to my heart. The graphics are fantastic, pulling me into the stunning world of a guardian. Gameplay wise, I enjoy it as a standard first person shooter, but since I have played so few games my view on this piece is limited.

Two: There is still a lot of story to explore and expand upon. Warmind has proven to be a challenge for me. Honestly, that should not be a surprise considering the freshness of my gaming adventures. The PvE and story modes are the only modes I’ve been brave enough to venture into. PvP remains elusive and intimidating.  Destiny 2 has the potential for phenomenal narrative. Something that so far, I do not think it has achieved. Specifically, the expansions feel undersized and underwhelming.  There is room for so much more in the vast universe Bungie has created.


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