Video Games – A Tale of the Forever Noob

I love video games.  I also suck at video games.

This suck-age has prevented me, for years, from getting into that world.  Fearing the drama of being called a “fake geek girl” and all the toxic behavior that is tied with that label prevented me from ever exploring games.  The few games I tried to pick up, were quickly abandoned.  I felt I was not good enough to keep playing.  In hindsight, it was ridiculous.  I decided a few months ago to stop allowing a few potential douchnozzles to inhibit me from doing something which brings me joy.

Not even 24 hours after dipping my toe into the gamer community, I was called fake for not being excited enough over a game trailer (seriously?!).  This was the first real test of my gamer resolve.  Proudly, I called out that prick and moved on.  His dickishness would not deter me.

I am picking up a few games,  slowly.  Granting myself patience while I learn the mechanics and game play.  It is an uphill battle to be sure.  One where I will forever be a noob.  A title which I will happily wear while falling off cliffs, accidentally blowing myself up and laughing my ass off.

My main games at the moment are Destiny 2 and Guild Wars 2.  Let me know what games I should try.


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